Pray Woman Pray, Inc.

"Pray Without Ceasing!"

”Pray Without Ceasing!”I Thessalonians 5:17


“Our mission is to release the urgency of prayer in the life of the woman and to empower women of God with the skills and knowledge needed to boldly take back our homes, communities and Nations for the glorification and edification of the Kingdom of God”.

Our Purpose
“To teach  Women to pray not only for their local churches, Spiritual Leaders and Personal Ministries but also for themselves as Prophetic Voices, their spouses and children. To formulate a family of  Sisters that will love and Support each other thus dispelling the lie that one has to be lonely in ministry. This family of Mighty Women of War will pray for, encourage, exhort and push one another into our prophetic destiny.

Our Destiny
“To establish teams of Seasoned  Women that will carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World.